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Avoid cliches, avoid distractions.

If you want to grab the attention of people, make your headshot contemporary and sharp. The brick wall as a background is a trite cliche that says to the viewer: this headshot is from 15 years ago. Stylistically, that is.

Today’s headshots are best created using a neutral background, like pure white or grey. Maybe a bit of light texture but still nothing too overwhelming.

Vertical and horizontal lines intersecting your head behind you, the bricks, don’t serve any purpose and just compete for attention.

The attention of the viewer should be squarely on you. That is why we have headshots, to show who we are, to show our personality.

And if you have a headshot with a brick wall, don’t worry, I can create a new set of portraits that will be showcasing your personality instead of masonry 🙂


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