Amanda Absher. Headshot by DreamLight Images, Charleston, SCAs surprising as it might seem, the headline of this article is dead-on accurate. Cindy Grosso, the founder of the Charleston School Of Protocol, is a an expert in professionalism. She appeared on CNN, Oprah, CBS, and many other networks. She regularly talks at medical organizations and trains medical personnel or any type of professionals.

The power of appearance

In this article, she states that “the fact is, 55% of what people think about you is based on appearance. And most of that comes in the first 30 seconds. So maybe you are a truly special person, but most people will never know if you give them the wrong impression, to begin with.

When it comes to online presence, your professional portrait is what makes that impression. And, unlike in real life, that portrait continues to make that that impression24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your online reputation is created even in your sleep.

Starting a new business

Amanda, portrayed above, is starting a new business. Right away, she looked for a photographer to create a series of portraits to build her personal brand. That is a wise decision. When you are starting a business is the perfect time to build your brand right. Recovering from a poor presentation is always much harder. Start with a great series of portraits that show you as the sharp, friendly professional that you are and you will have a much better time attracting prospects.

Care of your image

When it comes to your image, showing that you care for it reassures your clients that you will be taking good care of them. If a person doesn’t care for their image, if their professional portraits is a selfie or a crop from a wedding photo, it sends a message to the viewers that they don’t care for your professional image. And if they don’t care for their own reputation, then it’s doubtful that they will treat their clients differently. The image must be appropriate for your business.

Have you ever look someone up on the Net before contacting them? They do the same for you and theylook for your portraits immediately. Based on your image, they will make a decision wheter to contact you or not. It might not be the only factor, but it’s 55% of that. Why risk it when it is so simple to have great portraits of you?

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