Affinity Photo 1.6 has been released and it brings a few interesting new features. This is a free upgrade for all owners of Affinity Photo 1.5.

Affinity Photo 1.6 splash screen



The first thing that I noticed is that now the task refining a mask is much, much faster. It seems almost twice as fast as before. This is a very welcome change. The second great new feature is the brush stabilizer. When this feature is activated, the freehand brushes become very smooth in movement. With stabilization active, you can draw bezier-like smooth strokes freehand. This feature can be fine-tuned to your liking to adjust how much stabilization you want in each situation.



The font selection drop-down menu has received a complete overhaul and it is now one of the best tools for selecting fonts. Ever. Font names are shown together with a preview of the fonts style. The menu is very fast and responsive. Four tabs at the top filter the listing for All, Recent, Used, and Favorites. Each font name can be expanded to show the font styles, like Bold, Medium, Italics, and so on. You really need to try this in person to get a feeling of how smooth and convenient this list is.

Affinity Photo Font List

Lastly, it is now possible to toggles more panels, like the Macro/Library one, with one keystroke. This feature is incredibly useful to call up a functionality that we need during work and hide it away with the same keystroke to keep the screen clutter-free. This is one example of how PC work is much more effective and fun than with any touch-based device. The keyboard really streamlines your workflow.

Serif, the maker of Affinity Photo included a couple of freebies with this upgrade. One is a very nice package of texture and the other is a set of dramatic skies. Considering that this fantastic image editor is sold at $49.95, without the need for a subscription, the free upgrade and the extra goodies are a very welcome and unexpected surprise. I am extremely pleased that I made the switch from Photoshop.

Are you using Affinity Photo? Considering the switch? Leave your comments below.