Augustine "Gus" Olalere

Certified Financial Planner

I met Gus at the Harbour Club, as part of our breakfast group, a relaxed gathering of people on Friday mornings.

I joined the group after the opening of the new club site on June 15th, 2020. At that time we were “socially starved,” as I used to joke, and having breakfast with a few other people, in person, was a way to regain normalcy.

As you can see, Gus is a striking guy, with a friendly face and an impeccable sense of style. He is generous, very social, and a pleasure to talk to. 

He was born in Nigeria, where there are 250 official languages and 400 ethnic groups. He used to speak 5 languages proficiently at the time he moved to the US.

Before becoming a student at our Citadel, he studied at the Air Force Military School Jos in Nigeria. He started there at the age of 12 and, in his words, “became a man” there.

The school’s motto is “Strive to Excel” and it gave Gus the physical and some part of his mental endurance to prepare him for his life’s journey.

Q: You told me that you studied at the great Citadel military college. How was that experience and when did you graduate?

A: The Citadel for me was a unique experience as it is for all cadets. I guess mine was more emphasized as I only knew about the institution about 6 weeks before I started as a knob. I was fortunate to bag a Basketball Scholarship. I got to America on a Friday and reported as a Knob on Sunday. My first week was an eye-opener. Whenever I’m asked about The Citadel, I always retort, it’s a great place to be from. There I grew further and expanded mentally. After The Citadel, I knew I was ready for Life.

Q: What do you feel is the most important lesson from your time at The Citadel that you use in your professional life?

A:  What I learned most was to have focus and mental tenacity. Our daily routines of repetitions inculcated discipline and a steadfast culture of wanting to get better, never settling for less or the same but striving to excel always. Basically the mantra of our great country, the “can-do” attitude which has made this county the envy of the world.

Q: Tell us how you help our community professionally?

A:  As a Certified Financial Planner, I use my profession to help corporations, small businesses, and private clients build a legacy for their institutions and loved ones. As humans, at the core of our being, we seek to provide for ourselves today, later in life (retirement), and ultimately ensuring that our loved ones continue to enjoy the same standard of living they are accustomed to or better when we are gone. These are the creed I practice daily.

Q: Anything else that you feel like sharing?

A:  Yes. Our holy city of Charleston is a fantastic setting that the rest of the world yearns for. I’m very fortunate to traverse the Southeast USA, Europe, and Africa almost on a yearly basis, everywhere I go, when I tell them where I’m from, they are overcome with envy. I love Charleston. It’s an alluring destination for nearly everyone I meet.

And that’s why Gus is a Lowcountry Influential.

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