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Your personalized headshot

Get a custom headshot designed for the way you want the world to see you. I will coach you through the shoot to help you get the right mix of confidence and approachability.

For female clients, I provide professional hair styling and make-up from the most skilled and talented artists inĀ business who are trained in make-up for the camera.

As part of the service, I provide wardrobe consultationĀ before the photoshoot to help you select the attires that will create the right looks for your headshot.

Once the photoshoot ends you will be able to select the photos that you like before leaving the studio. From that set we then narrow it down to three looks and I then develop and retouch them. You will get delivery of the images a few days later.

Contact us today and we will send you our headshot guide via email

We will contact you shortly to give you all the information you might to help you in designing your headshot.