Charleston Family Photographer

We create artwork that features your loved ones. Wall art portraits are your legacy, they are what makes you live forever in the splendor of a day.

At DreamLight Images we create wall portraits that are meant to last and built to the highest attention to every detail.

From fine art paper to canvas, our portraits add elegance and prestige to any home. 


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Loved our meeting this afternoon and your photographic eye is positively wonderful. It is very hard to capture Bernie in that sparkling eye moment and as the woman who loves him, I can tell you I appreciate it beyond words.

Emily B.

Charleston Wall Art Photography

Bob Gebhardt Family, Framed

At DreamLight Images we create beautiful wall art designed for your home. And we install it for you. Here is the final result of the five-piece family portraits created for the Gebhardt family. All fine-art prints have been framed by some of the best artisans in the business and installed exactly as the client wanted. 

For me, there is nothing like creating beautiful wall art to help you decorate your home with your loved ones. Here we see Brian holding the portrait that I made of him and his wife Angela. Aren’t they great?