Charleston Influentials

Not everybody who has an influence in the community is a famous person. There are many people who quietly live their lives but who diligently work day by day to improve life in our beautiful city. 

These people are from many branches of life and they work in many different jobs and professions. 

Regardless of who they are, they touch other people’s lives and create helpful and beneficial influences. They might help you with their wisdom or with their example. 

Whenever a have the luck to meet one of them I ask them if I can make their portrait and ask a few questions to know more about them.

These are the stories of the Charleston Influentials.

Boyd Stough - Charleston Influential portrait by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC

Boyd Stough

Boyd Stough is one of a kind. Talk to him and you will be treated to a depth of knowledge that you rarely find. 

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Nominate a Charleston Influential

Hi, I’m Paolo Ciccone, the founder of DreamLight Images and the artist behind the “Charleston Influentials” project.

Do you know somebody special in our community who you think should be showcased on these pages? Let me know who this person is by completing the form below.