Charleston Personal Branding Photographer

Are you an entrepreneur, an influencer, or a public speaker? Do customers think of you when they think of your company?

Then your face is your brand.

Like many business owners, you work incessantly to grow your company, to find more customers.

You want to post on social media, to engage your audience more, to be there constantly, day-by-day to excite, to inform, to help. But creating new content every day is not easy.

I want to help you. I can buy you some time.

My Personal Branding package gives you up to three full months of fresh, professional portraits that you can post every day to improve engagement, connect with the audience, and stay fresh and relevant in the competitive world of social media.

With a personalized session that is centered around telling your stories and highlighting your personal brand, you will obtain all the images that you need to post on social media and on your website. Best of all, once you receive the images, you can schedule all the posts that you want in advance and go back to running your business.

High-resolution, licensed for commercial use photos centered around your brand.

Stop stressing about online content, start enjoying working on your brand.

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What’s included in a Personal Branding Photography photoshoot?

First of all, relax. Every detail of the photoshoot is one me. From styling, to professional hair & makeup, to location, and posing, I take all that homework off your shoulders.

The photoshoot takes a whole day, in which we combine studio and location setups. The mantra here is: show, don’t tell. This is about creating images that tell your stories, so that you can show to everybody what you are about.

Every shoot is custom-designed for each client so that your images will be telling your story with the unique twist that you give to it.

  • Digital hair styling and make-up.
  • Up to 4 hours shoot, including up to 4 virtual locations, all done in the comfort of the studio.
  • Multiple wardrobe changes. 5 recommended, up to 8 are possible.
  • Personal style and concept consultation.
  • Posing and styling for business and personal portraits.
  • Three types of collections: foundation (8 portraits), professional (16 portraits), influencer (25 portraits).

Packages start at $1,490

There are people with whom you work throughout your career who are simply a cut above the rest.

One of those people I’ve worked with is Paolo Ciccone. He is a true artist, and I put my faith (and money) in him to handle my personal branding photography.

If you’re on the other side of America — it would be worth it for you to travel here to Charleston to work with Paolo.

Curt Mercadante


Paolo is brilliant when it comes to using his photographic artistry to build brands! As someone who makes a living advising others on their personal brand, I’m really picky about photos. His techniques and attention to detail are why I’ve chosen him to capture all my images. I highly recommend you contact Paolo and work with him on building your brand through his inspired photography!

Thomas Heath

Founder, Thomas Heath Advisors

Paolo Ciccone You are by far the BEST personal branding photographer I have came across! Let me know when you’re in Los Angeles! I’ll have you booked up with this kind of photography. morethanaphoto buildingabrand art

Veronica Gee

Digital Marketing & Branding Specialist

Sounds good?

Photoshoots are completely customized and booked a few weeks before.

Call me today, (843) 701-1138, to start designing your personal branding session.