Geno P - Headshot Photo by DreamLight Images - Charleston SCI believe that if you have fun with your headshot, the rersult can be absolutely fantastic. Headshots should not be glorified passport photos. They represnt your brand on the web and social media.

The opportunity to test this premise presented itself when Geno Porter, a photographer here in Charleston contacted me to have his headshot done.

A balancing act

In my photo sessions, I do my best to help you have fun during the experience. The more fun we have the better the results. Geno and I hit it off right as he stepped in my studio. We started talking about photography, drones, and the like. In the span of a few minutes, we were already laughing and Geno has a big, explosive laughter that is infectious, as you can see in the photo below.

I tell every client that a great headshot has a combination of confidence and approachability, the secret is to “dial” those elements at the same time. This is something that everybody, with the right coaching, can do. In my shoots, I take the time to teach how to pose and how to add all the right elements one at the time. I let you experiment and try different things until you get familiar with all the movements. You are not left wondering what to do and, at the same time, I don’t pose you like a mannequin.

It’s a balancing act that we both do, taking the time to get familiar with all the little details. Put all the elements together, add great lighting, and freeze the right moment in time. It’s like magic!

And in the process of doing all this, we goof off and have fun. The big, toothy smile might not be the ideal headshot to put in your professional page, but it is a great way to avoid taking things too seriously and it makes a great addition to Facebook, Instagram or your profile photo for social media.

Thank you, Geno, for giving me the opportunity to make your headshot, it was a lot of fun.

You too can have a great headshot, call me today at (843) 701-1138 to book your photoshoot.

Geno P - Headshot Photo by DreamLight Images - Charleston SC

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