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Are you happy with your headshot? If not, I can help.

My name is Paolo and I’m a portrait photographer. I have created hundreds of compelling images that help my clients better promote themselves in the business world.

What’s the # 1 failure on most LinkedIn profiles? A poor headshot. What’s the problem with most staff pictures on a website? They’re inconsistent and not very interesting. This can affect both your personal brand and your organization’s brand.


Headshot of Kris Oleksyk-053
Headshot of Bryan Pribula. DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Headshot of Julia Pinkney - Image by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Julia Pinckney
Beauty Portrait of Heather. Copyright DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Curt Mercadante. Headshot by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Curt Mercadante
Headshot of Whitney McDuff. By DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Dr. Sonny O - Headshot by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Dr. O - Plastic Surgeon in Mt. Pleasant
Thomas Heath & Curt Mercadant. LinkedIn Local Advertisment Photo. (c) DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Headshot of Janet - Picture by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC

There are people with whom you work throughout your career who are simply a cut above the rest.

One of those people I’ve worked with is Paolo Ciccone. He is a true artist, and I put my faith (and money) in him to handle my personal branding photography.

If you’re on the other side of America — it would be worth it for you to travel here to Charleston to work with Paolo.

Curt Mercadante

Keynote speaker

The best professional headshots in Charleston SC

A headshot is much more “the face behind the name.”  It is about making connections and showing your personality. I know how to make your uniqueness shine through the image and capture the attention of the viewer.

Today’s headshots are not like the glorified passport photos of the past. Years have passed and the style of photography has changed. Show yourself with a series of headshots that are contemporary, sharp, and elegant.

And if you want to really stand-out in the world of Social Media, consider a Personal Branding photoshoot.

At DreamLight Images, we can create a portrait for you that makes you stand out and captures your true essence. Want to be happy with your headshot? It all starts with a conversation.

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