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Reaching your customers/clients should be your top goal. My business coach always reminds me to have very clear in my mind: who are my peeps, where do I find them, what do I say to them.

Social media is where we find our peeps. Who they are can be eaither sorted by letting Facebook and LinkedIn make that connection, that’s their job, or by using targeted ads.

Once they find you, what story do you tell them? Is your content on-brand or all over the place? Do you have content that is off brand just because you felt that you needed to write something?

Recently I had the pleasure to work with a client who that needed to have material to post on social media. Creating the content is the big hurdle and Ihelp my clients in that area by designing the material and then shooting it in a day. 

The result is a collection of images that are related to your personal brand and that are done professionally, so that they represent you well.

The following are just a few images from the photoshoot. The final set included about 25 pictures.

Do you want to reach more people on social media but dread creating that content? I can take that load off your shoulders. Give me a call at (843) 701-1138 to start this conversation.


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