Great news Charleston! DreamLight Images is growing and we’re looking for top talents to serve our Beauty and Business Photography Brands.

Now seeking: Hair and Makeup artists. Contact us today, we expect to fill this position quickly.

You can reach Paolo Ciccone at 843-701-1138 or at to apply.

Marjorie Hanger. Beauty portrait by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC


Hair and Makeup Artist

Applicants need to provide a portfolio of past work with clear closeup of the face.


Applicants must be experienced and skilled at creating flattering hairstyles and applying beautiful makeup that suits our Beauty photography brand.

In addition, applicant should:

  • Value professional growth. Be invested in learning new techniques to improve skills.
  • Work efficiently; Style hair and makeup within the time provided (50-60 minutes per subject)
  • Bring a range of hair and makeup tools and products to every shoot
  • Hold self to high professional standards.
    • Arrive dressed and style in a professional manner that reflects our image.
    • Always be punctual.
    • Refrain from phone use throughout the scheduled time.
    • Always use well-maintained, sanitized products and tools.
    • Be professional, kind, and respectful in words and actions.
  • Make sure that the client is comfortable and happy throughout the session.
  • Be able to receive criticism graciously from either the client of the photographer.
  • Support our brand’s mission of empowering women by helping them look and feel beautiful.


Applicants should generally be available on some or all the following days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. Expect to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled session.


This is freelance work. Payment is done upon the presentation of invoice and submitted on the same day of the job.


We provide a clean, safe space in our studio with good lighting for your hair and makeup station. We make every effort to create a relaxing, fun environment for our clients and our team. We recognize quality work and show our gratitude for a job well done. We are happy to provide you with a high-quality digital image from the sessions for your portfolio. We share the appreciation by tagging you in social media posts and occasionally linking to your brand’s web page in our blog posts.


Contact Paolo at 843-701-1138 or at Our studio is located in West Ashley, Charleston SC 29407. We look forward to getting to know you better!


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