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You have organized a business event and you will be talking to a group of business people soon.

This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of social media. By posting on Facebook and LinkedIn images of the event, you can create a buzz and raise interest for the next event that you will organize.

If this is the first time that you do something like this, having images to show will help you gather more funds and sponsors for the next time.

But what do you need to post? How many images? What kind of images?

Stills In Motion

Posting images of a meeting is boring.

Showing people in a room is only less boring that showing that room empty.

A picture or two cannot convey the excitement in the room.

A series of images in movement, with a story, backed by a kick-ass soundtrack, grabs the attention of the viewer and makes a strong impression.

Our “Stills In Motion” videos are designed to tell a story. Our captioning means that the video will play well on social media, even if the viewer doesn’t hear the soundtrack. The captions are part of the service so you don’t have to do that homework.

Stills In Motion are the perfect way to show a whole series of images without requiring the viewer to flip through a gallery online.

Stills In Motion give you the best exposure, create excitement, and tell the story about your event in 1 or two minutes. It’s like a TV commercial for your event.

People recognize themselves and share it. People recognize their friends and share the video. And every time they share it, it add exposure to your event.

Here is an example from Claire Ansell’s Sales Society Networking event.



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