The need of makeup for headshots

How important is to have professional hair styling and makeup for your headshots?

A lot. In fact, it is such a crucial element that I now have it included in all my photoshoot, from the custom Personal Branding session to the simplest headshot photoshoot.

The next level

The purpose of makeup for photography is to give you an even complexion, minimize blemishes and highlight the eyes. A good makeup artist knows what works for the camera and will be able to make you shine.

Hair can be as important. From adding volume to curling, to styling and exploring new options, our stylists will assist you in achieving the look that you have dreamed of.

Great makeup elevates your portrait to the next level and it completes your image.

There is a reason why news anchors, both men and women have makeup before facing the camera.  It completes the image and make it more professional. In photos it is even more important than in video, because the viewer has time to look every detail.

You are in control

We know that both makeup and hair style are very personal choices and we respect that. You will get the result that you want and the style that is comfortable for you. I need you to be comfortable “in your own skin” so that you will be comfortable in front of the camera. If you will need anything adjusted or changed, we will happily make it happen.

Makeup for men?

Yes. Hair can be an issue for men as for women. Having the professional touch can help greatly and it will remove the need to do so much retouching.

Men have skin blemishes and redness as much, if not more, than women. I spent a lot of hours fixing skin issues with male portraits that could have been easily avoided with a bit of foundation and skin care products. If news anchors can do it, you can do it too. We won’t tell anybody 🙂

We care for your image in every little detail so that you can stand out and have a portrait that is every bit as professional as you are.