Think about it: what is the first thing that people will see in your LinkedIn profile?

It’s your portrait. They don’t see the tagline first, or your well-written bio. It’s your face. And they will make decisions based on that portrait.

One immediate decision is if they should click on your profile.

One of my clients, who spent $1,300 in portraits, told me that she decided to call me because of my “About me” page.

Your business portrait is an extremely valuable marketing tool which works for you 24/7. Or it can work against you if it’s not done properly.

This marketing tool will last years. I tell my clients that they should keep their portraits fresh and update them every year. But I know that it will be at least three years before they will think about.

A brand is the personality of a company. If you are the company then your face is your brand. Make sure that it’s represented well.

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Your face is an excellent marketing tool. Headshots by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC