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Want to be noticed on social media? Do you want to attract more customers/clients? We all do and we all want the shortcut, the secret recipe, the quick fix. Well there isn’t one, short of doing something illegal. But there is a strategy. And it can be used successfully by anyone.

This image that I created for Denise Boozer has received more than 2000 views in 24 hours, on LinkedIn. The funny thing is that I posted the image, not the client. It was as an example of the type of images that I create with my Personal Branding photoshoots.

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This portrait did take extra work and I’m quite proud of it. The background is blurry but not blown out. The subject is perfectly lit even though the natutal light comes from behind her. The pose is great, the image is on-brand (she is a specialist in running micro-breweries), and the expression is natural. We also had the perfect setting, thanks to CommonHouse Aleworks, in North Charleston.

All that took work. The lighting the background, the pose, even the wardrobe was all designed by me. 

But what made it gather more than 2000 views in a few hours is the strategy that I designed for social media. The same strategy that I teach my personal branding clients. It’s about growing your followers organically, not through ads. Anybody can do it, no matter your age or your type business.

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