Recently, I had the honor to create the portraits for Thomas Heath, an excellent business coach and top personal branding expert in Charleston, SC.

In my photoshoots, I coach my clients to bring multiple outfits and I use a few different backdrops, always solid colors, to create different looks. I delivered to Thomas several portraits and he started immediately using one for his advertisement but I didn’t see any change in his profile’s image.

A few days ago I understood why. Thomas posted 3 of his portraits on LinkedIn and asked his followers to let him know which one he should use. More than 60,000 views and hundreds of comments later, he got an idea of how people respond to his images.

Thomas branding acumen is second to none and his use of the power of LinkedIn is another example of how you can engage your audience. This experience was fun, educative, and engaging. Not once Thomas tried to sell anything, but he found a great way of connecting with people.

There is a lot to be learned from this.

Today I have the exquisite honor to be the portrait artist for Thomas Heath and to see my work featured in his profile. The selected portait is below. After that you can see the effect in the LinkedIn profile. The contrast makes it stand out without being busy, There is nothing going onn in the background thaat distracts from the subject.

Thomas Heath, headshot by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC

Thomas Heath Advisors on LinkedIn. Headshot by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC

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