Charleston Portrait Photographer

When was the last time you were in a truly artistic portrait? For many of our clients the answer is: at my wedding. Or “never.”

You deserve more. A portrait can be your legacy. A portrait can give you boost when you are down. A portrait can be a present for the people you love. A portrait can help you in so many ways. A portrait is how you make sure others will see you. Beautiful, strong, confident, loving, connected.

 You decide how. I make it happen, and the memories are forever.


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Beauty Portrait of Kris Oleksyk. Copyright DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Beauty Portrait of Kris Oleksyk
Beauty Portrait of Heather. Copyright DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
This beautiful background is one of the options available for your portraits.
Beauty Portrait of Nancy. Copyright DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Marjorie. Beauty Portrait by DreamLight Images. Charleston ,SC
Denise Boozer. Personal Branding portrait by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC