Charleston Portrait Photographer

I provide a unique experience for my clients that results in artistic images that make them feel great and that provide an heirloom for their family.

A portrait can empower, it can surprise, it can be a gift for you and for your loved ones. Regardless of why you want to have your portrait made, I design the experience to be unique and tailored for you.

Everyone deserves a portrait of themselves. It’s not vanity, it’s a way of immortalizing a moment in time of your personal story. As I look at my own past I wish my family would have created professional portraits of themselves. I would have beautiful photos of my loved ones beyond the candid, faded and battered images that are part of the family albums. I see that value of that and I know that you will see it too, once you will hold your portraits in your hands.

My glamour portraits are made to show your beauty and personality. They can be simple or sophisticated, whatever you prefer. As part of the service, I give you an in-person consultation, with styling and wardrobe advice. On the day of the shoot, you will be treated to professional hair styling and make-up by some of the best artists in Charleston. I spent months in screening and coaching the best make-up artists in the business, who will gladly work with your to create the look of your dreams.

The Photoshoot

Have you ever wondered how supermodels get to know how to look fabulous? Part of the secret is the posing and body language. I can show you. I know how to make you look like you were featured on the cover of a magazine. Anybody can do it with the right directions. Let me show you how.

A photoshoot takes about two hours in which I create several looks for you and you only. Every photoshoot is custom-made for each client. It’s an experience as unique as you are.

Call (843) 701-1138 or contact me to schedule a consultation for your beauty portrait today.