I think that online dating is one of the great ideas of the internet era. I’m lucky that I found the love of my life before online dating was invented, but, if things were different today, I would definitely use that service. When you work as a busy professional, wearing many hats, it’s difficult to find time and energy to meet somebody romantically.

Present yourself in the right way

A professionally-made headshot can greatly increase your chances of success in the online dating game. Think about it, if you were going out on a date you would do everything possible to look at your best and to make a great first impression. You would get the right clothes, a new haircut, and, if you are a woman, apply makeup and select your best jewelry. We want to look our best because we want to succeed when we meet somebody who we find interesting.

Sadly, a lot of people post very unflattering pictures in their online profile. Many think that a selfie does the job but that is a bad idea. Even worse is a mirror selfie, you know that one where you stand in front of the bathroom mirror, point the phone at the mirror and you get a picture of yourself looking at the phone? Who thought that such an abomination is a picture? And worth posting? A bathroom is not a good environment to frame you, and neither is your car.

Your picture should show you confident but friendly. You want to come through like somebody with charisma but not aloof. Body language, pose, expression, camera angle, lighting, background, all those elements are used by a photographer to create your look. And in this world of “fast swiping” you want to have your best picture out there to help you make that great first impression. Think in this way, if you get a professional headshot and others don’t, your image will stand out more and increase the chances of getting the attention of the right person.

Posing is better than the gym

Did you hear the saying ” the lens adds ten pounds”? It’s not true. If that happens it means that the photographer used the wrong lens on you. With posing, lighting and with the right lens I can slim anybody down more than what you would do in two months at the gym. And I don’t need to use any retouching for that, it’s all done with the right tools right in camera.

If you live in the Charleston South Carolina area and you need a great headshot for your online profile give me a call, or contact me via this website. I will make the experience fun and easy and you will get a fantastic headshot that will present you at your best.