Jenna Philipp. Headshot by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC

Then you need to develop your brand. The number of realtors in Charleston has doubled in the past 3 years, I’ve been told. That’s a lot of competition in a short time.To succeed in business you need to have a winner’s image and branding is a key component of that. Careful attention to details is crucial and how you present yourself should be primarily in your mind.

Jenna in the portrait above came to my studio with a completely different look. She has beautiful, long hair and we both thought it would be great to feature it in her headshot. After taking a few dozens of photos I suggested her to try a ponytail. That was an unexpected suggestion and Jenna, at first, didn’t think it would be what she wanted. I gently insisted, saying: “It will take a few minutes. If you don’t like it there nothing to lose but a bit of time.”

It turned out that she liked this look better than the previous photos and she ended up buying two headshots, both with the hair pulled back.

I think that she looks sharp and confident in her new headshot, with a look that she did not anticipate when she walked into my studio.

A professional photographer helps you discover the right look for you. A professional photographer can work with you to make you shine and show you in a unique light. I work with all my clients to find what is unique about them and present it in a beautiful image that is flawless.

Branding is key to your business. In a heavily competitive business, a distinctive brand is a strategic tool to make you stand out and help your customers remember you. A sharp headshot is a key component to establishing your brand.