Why would you have a glamour portrait of yourself? What if I told you that this could be the experience of a lifetime?

Denise, who you can see in the photos below, booked her photoshoot to celebrate her new image. You see, Denise worked hard in the past months to lose some weight. She hired a personal trainer, she changed how she eats, and started exercising regularly.

Denise. Glamour Portrait by DreamLight Images. Charleston, SCThis change of habits brought to Denise better health and caused a visible weight loss. We all have our internal self-image and Denise confessed to me that her self-image was anchored in the past, even though she diligently worked for more than a year changing what she eats and in working out regularly. I was flattered and honored to be entrusted with this bit of personal information and I  told Denise: “I will create a collection of beautiful portraits for you and we will change your self image.”

Personal Styling & Consultation

My glamour portrait photoshoot includes complimentary styling consultation at your home. This is a great opportunity to chat and define all the elements of styling that are unique of your personality. During this phase I make sure that I understand where you want to go with the shoot. In the case of Denise, she wanted something fun, something elegant, and some photos for business use.

I suggested a few styles of outfits and we discussed the use of simple jewelry to accent the image without distractions. I always suggest to get up to 5 outfits to showcase your personality. We can go from casual to red carpet with everything in between. This is your moment to shine and act like you’ve never acted before. Bring that dream dress that you always wanted to wear but never had the chance to do. We can even do a period piece! The sky is the limit.

The Photoshoot

I understand completely that you are not a trained model and posing in front of a camera can be a overwhelming thought. Denise confessed to me that she was terrified. As I often do, I reassured her that I would take care of everything. I direct every client and guide them on every pose. You don’t have to wonder about anything because I know exactly what works and I guide you through the process. Look at the expressions of Denise. She went from terrified to exuding confidence.

I think that Denise rocked her session and I’m happy of the results. But it’s more important is that she loved her new images. This is what she wrote in her review: “I loved the hair and makeup and felt like royalty. When I received my photos I had tears in my eyes because they were beautiful and more than I expected. Unlike any other photos I have had!”

I spent months screening the best hair and makeup artists in Charleston. It wasn’t easy to find the right combination of talents but it was definitely well worth it. Jasmine Jones created Denise’s look.

A precious heirloom for your family

What I love about my job is that my clients get to have a fantastic memento to cherish forever. When your children will want to see pictures of their mother, what will they find? I know that Denise’s family will have a treasury of portraits of her that will last forever and will be shared by all generations. Whenever you reach a milestone in your life you should reward yourself. Improving your self image is an important step in boosting your self confidence and nothing works as strongly as having beautiful portraits of yourself.

Denise. Glamour Portrait by DreamLight Images. Charleston, SCDenise. Glamour Portrait by DreamLight Images. Charleston, SC

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