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All my professional headshot sessions include multiple wardrobe changes, to help you gain a variety of looks for your headshots.

So, I generally suggest to all clients to bring at least three or four outfits to play with. 

Here I’m going to list three tips on what to bring to a photoshoot.

  1. Bring solid colors. For women, cream colors, elegant greys, blacks, are all good choices. Recently, I had a client who brought a couple of peach-color bodysuits. One worked particularly well, see the image below.

    For men we follow the same principle. Solid colors for shirts are great. Off-whites are great, blacks are always an excellent option.

    For a splash of color, blues and greens are a good choice, maroon is also nice.

  2. Avoid prints and busy patterns, they distract the attention of the viewer from you and compete for attention. This is not a fashion show, it’s a professional headshot so the attention should be solidly on you.
  3. Sleeves. For women, sleeves are always a great option. They add elegance and provide an accent of design that helps in selling a professional image. Three-quarter sleeves are an excellent choice.

    For men the equivalent is to have multiple jackets.

    Here you have it: the top three tips on what to wear for your next headshot. Now all you need to bring is a great attitude 🙂


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