Christopher - Headshot Photo by Paolo Ciccone for DreamLight Images -- Charleston, SCIf you are an actor and you have a headshot already, can you just keep printing the same photo and send it to casting directors? Or should you update it after a while? Let’s take a look at when you need to change your headshot.

If no change in your look happened in the last three to five years then you should update your headshot because there are enough age-related changes that can affect your look. It depends on your current age. From 17 to 23 there is enough difference that you need to have a fresh headshot. If you have changed your look, then you need to update your headshot right away.

TV Shows and Movie productions in Charleston

In Charleston SC we have a lot of TV and movie productions. Die Hard with a Vengeance, Army Wives, and Reckless are some titles among others that have been shot in Charleston. The next reboot of the Halloween horror movies is scheduled to be produced in Charleston and I can’t wait to spot Jamie Lee Curtis downtown. It’s no surprise that Charleston has a very active community of actors and they are, understandably, eager to be spotted for the next production. Some opportunities can be career builders and it pays off to have a great headshot.

One of such actors is Christopher, pictured above. Christopher and his wife Demetria, who also acts, were at my studio a few days ago and had their headshot done. They both wanted to show a new look and so they needed new headshots.

While the sessions were strictly separate and private, they wanted to see other’s headshot at the end of the shoot and I was glad that I could provide that service. I shoot tethered to my laptop so the results can be seen right away on a nice screen. When I called Demetria to check Christopher’s portrait she looked at the screen and exploded with: “Ooh, sexy!” Now, whenever I get a “Ooh, sexy!” from the client’s spouse I know that I have done my job 🙂 That was the highlight of my day.

Thank you, Demi & Chris, for a fun shoot, I wish the best of luck in your career. And who knows, maybe we’ll see you in the next blockbuster, shot in beautiful Charleston.

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