“I’m not photogenic” must be the most frequent thing that I hear from my clients. Let me tell you one thing: it’s not true.

Anybody can be “photogenic” (whatever that means) if properly coached. The role of a portrait photographer is to guide you. Anybody can buy a camera. It’s just money and there are plenty of people who have more money than I have.

The camera is not what makes me a portrait photographer. I study every day to be where I am. Notice that I didn’t say “studied,” portraiture is a life-long journey.

The true masters, like Platon or Sue Bryce, study the human nature all their lives. My clients have great expressions because I work with them. I take all the time that is needed so that they can become used to the process.

I coach them both in posing and in creating the right expression so that it’s not up to them to come up with a great look, it’s up to me.

The three people in the image have all told me: “Paolo, I’m sorry but I’m not photogenic.” Look at their expressions.

That is why you hire a professional photographer.


3 headshots by DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Processed with MOLDIV

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