Hi, I’m Paolo Ciccone, an Italian-born portrait photographer, now living in Charleston, SC.

When someone is born in Italy, they cannot help but be influenced by the centuries-old traditions of fashion, beauty and the importance of image. It has had a significant impact on myself and my approach to art, culture, and life.

Since the age of 15, I have been creating photographs, back when it meant developing negatives! My father was my mentor and he taught me the importance of composition, lighting, and capturing the true essence of my subject.

It all starts with taking the time to get to know you and making you feel comfortable. I try to ensure you are relaxed and remember to have fun while we’re working together. It is important to me that I translate what makes you special into your portrait.

Whether you are looking for a family portrait, a beauty portrait, or personal branding images, I can help create an image for you that is truly unique.