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Paolo Ciccone - Headshot Photograph by DreamLight Images, Charleston SCHi, I’m Paolo Ciccone, an Italian photographer in Charleston, SC.

Fashion and beauty are part of Italy’s millennia-old tradition and being born in Italy means to be exposed to that tradition, to that cultural environment from the first day of life. It affects you in many ways.

When I create your portraits I highlight the unique, personal beauty that you have.

I have been involved with photography all my adult life. Since the days I was developing negatives together with my mentor, my father, when I was a teenager, though the camera work in San Francisco and Hollywood as a cinematographer. Today I focus on creating Beauty portraits for the everyday woman.


Making portraits

My mission is simple: I want make your best portrait. A portrait that will show you in the most elegant, beautiful light, and that will bring out your personality. A portrait that you will cherish forever.

Book your session today by phone, (843) 701-1138, or by using the easy to use the contact form.


On the set of The Office

On the set of “The Office”

On the set of “24” — The CTU meeting room