Gorgeous Sara is a realtor in Charleston SC. She came to my studio with the idea to have fun trying a couple of great outfits and have her portraits made. She completely rocked her session.

Planning for success

A great portrait session starts with a great connection. The more I know about you, the better the images are going to be. That’s why I do in-person consultations before every shoot. A week before the photoshoot I went to Sara’s home where we talked about the style of the shoot that she wanted. Then we discussed the wardrobe. I mentioned that “the more glamorous the dress, the better the result” and Sara completely embraced the idea. I suggested looking at renting since Rent The Runway is an amazing resource. They have a huge catalog of incredible dresses and gowns from some of the best fashion designers in the world.  You select a dress and it’s sent to you in a carry-on bag, that includes a return label.  You can get the red-carpet look for $60. It’s like Netflix for fashion.

Because I spend the time to talk the shoot with you, we get all the details ready in advance. I can answer any questions that you might have and you will be coming to the shoot relaxed and prepared.

Hair & Make-up

On the day of the shoot, you will be treated with professional hair styling and make-up. I team up with some of the best artists in Charleston who will make you look the best you have ever been. We can go from natural looking, but still very elegant, to full glam and every shade in between. You will look amazing and I always suggest to book a nice restaurant on the evening of the shoot and celebrate with your better half or with your best friends.

The photoshoot

During the photoshoot I guide you through every step. I have a wide array of poses that I personalize for every client and I direct you step by step so that you don’t have to wonder about anything. We go through a few wardrobe changes, a few different backgrounds, and lighting options. The result is a collection of portraits that show you at your best. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, and it’s pure glamour.

Isn’t time for you too to have beautiful portraits? There is no time like today. Call me at (843) 701-1138 and book your photoshoot.