If you are an actor then you know that you need a headshot. You also need to keep that headshot up to date. If there are no substantial changes in your look you need to update your headshot every three years. If you change hairstyle, hair color or other elements than you should update your headshot at the same time. There is a good reason for this rule, casting directors make their choices based on the headshots that they see. If you look different than the picture, they will be displeased and you might get a “black mark” with that person. It’s hard enough to find work as an actor, there is no need to add self-inflicted obstacles to the process.

Finding the right photographer for your headshot can be a daunting task. Let me tell you how I make my headshots. It will give you a clear idea of why DreamLight Images is the right place for every actor in the Charleston area to get their next headshot.

The professional touch

Today everybody is a photographer and the iPhone takes amazing photos. You might be tempted to go the DIY route and that would be a huge mistake. Not only that will make you look like somebody who doesn’t value their look and career, in the eyes of a casting director, but it will completely misrepresent you. I take pride to show the personality of the subject in the frame. I work very hard to bring that out, and the results are clear. My headshots show you, not a background, no other distracting elements. You are lit in the best, most flattering way and directed until we get the right look. Professional lighting take years of study and practice, it doesn’t happen by chance and it cannot be made in Photoshop.


I know what a casting director looks for in a headshot. The actor needs to be clearly represented by a photo that shows the person as he/she is today. It has to be free of distracting elements but have a richness and vividness that makes the face pop out of the frame. To make that happen I guide you in the selection of wardrobe so that you look great but the image remains uncluttered. Remeber, we are showing you, not your fancy dress or jacket. I try to shoot two or three wardrobe selections to add variety and, possibly, show different roles. But the focus remains solidly on you.

Location and background

I generally shoot my headshots in my studio in West Ashley. I have, what I call, a “window simulator” that allows me to photograph you with very flattering light that looks like window light, but in a situation where we can all relax. There are no external distractions, no people watching, and we can take the necessary time to get the right looks. The background is generally white or black, depending on the mood and wardrobe. As I said before, no distractions from your face. Casting directors don’t care about the background.

Retouch and delivery

I do all the retouching of the photos myself. In this way I can control the process exactly. For an actor’s headshot it’s important to not change the face. I remove small blemishes and take care of making the image neat but I keep a very light touch. You don’t want to look different from your picture. The only things that are removed are pimples, small skin imperfections and so on. Most issues will be addressed directly during makeup but we want the headshot to stand to close scrutiny and avoid distracting elements.

Hair and Make-up

For women it is absolutely necessary to have make-up and hair styling done professionally. We have the right people on board. Professionals who know the right type of makeup for photography and who can style your hair quickly and neatly. For headshots we don’t suggest the full glamour look, you should look like your normal version of yourself on your best day, and a shade more polished than that. Guys don’t need any makeup beyond some anti-shine powder.


Now that you know what is involved in a great actor’s headshot all you have to do is to contact us and book it today. You can call (843) 701-1138 or use our convenient form. Once I get your information I will taylor a photoshoot just for you and deliver your best headshot.

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