Molly - Headshot by Paolo Ciccone for DreamLight Images -- Charleston, SC

Rules are meant to be broken, the old saying goes. What that means, for me, is that today’s rules can become tomorrow “old look signature.” My style of photography changes continuously to give you a headshot that is modern and engaging.

In creating a headshot, or a close-up portrait, I want to fill the frame with the face of the person who is in front of me. Portraits are meant to show the personality of somebody and that means that we need to be up-close, we need to be able to peer into the eyes of who is in the photo. That cannot be done with somebody who is portrayed in the distance. So, I get as close as possible and I fill the frame with the face of the subject and that means to cut off the very top of the head.

This is fine, there’s no doubt that the head continues, in the above photo. We can easily imagine the rest of the photo, in fact, I personally find it more interesting in this way.

There is no point in using an arbitrary rule, just because somebody in the past decided that it was “appropriate” to have every bit of the head in the frame. Of course, if there is a specific requirement to have the full head, as it might happen for badge photos or promotional material, where the person is cut out and placed against a different background, I will gladly include a bit of “air” above the head. Not enough to make the image look like a passport photo, but enough to allow editing.

It’s 2017 and portraits today are different than what we did twenty years ago. You need a headshot that is modern, engaging and with an edge. That’s what I do for you.

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