You want to succeed in life. You want people to notice you, to call you, hire you, ask for your expertise. We all want these things and that’s natural. So, we build a website, get a Facebook business page, create a new Instagram account. All good stuff. And then we hide behind a logo. Why? Because we want to look “professional,” to look like we know our stuff, to show the world that we are serious about our work. And, most likely, because we don’t have a good photo of ourselves.

The funny thing is that people hire people and not logos. If you are not a world-renown brand, like Apple or Amazon, then you are better off by being personal. When somebody looks to hire you, they want to see who you are. Look at the photo of Jasmine above. Who wouldn’t like to hire her? Of course, she has mad skills in hair and make-up. In fact, she is a bona fide artist. But with a photo like that, you can see that she is a nice person, one will make you feel comfortable while she transforms you into a red-carpet diva.

So, maybe a headshot will not save your life, but it can help you tremendously in telling people who you are. When you look at the pictures in my headshot portfolio, keep in mind that the vast majority of people in there are not professional actors. They are makeup artists, software engineers, CTOs, other photographers, and so on. The results that you see are created by taking time with them an coaching them step by step. That’s what I do when you hire me to do your headshot. I take my time. A session with me can last an hour or even more. I don’t rush things and I don’t stop until I have your best headshot. That’s how photos like this one are made. That’s how I get a 5-star rating on Facebook. By taking time, working with you and coaching you all the way.

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