Tomorrow, May 10th, 2018 we will make history by starting the first LinkedIn Local event in Charleston, SC. The 50 seats reserved for this gathering sold out in less than 48 hours.

This fact alone should tell to everybody how important LinkedIn is becoming for professionals around the world. LinkedIn is the place to be if you are in business or looking to advance your career. DreamLight Images is the proud sponsor and official photographer of the event, which is hosted by two amazing speakers: Thomas Heat and Curt Mercadante.

I had the pleasure to create the photographic material used for the advertising of the event, which features the two speakers in a series of situations. The advertising was so effective that we never had the chance to use all the images. We prepared 6 different situations and we ended up using 2, plus a third one to thank the readers for their enthusiastic response. Below you can see one example the ads, from the naked image to the finished artwork.

Thomas Heath & Curt Mercadante. LinkedIn Local Advertisment Photo. © DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Thomas Heath & Curt Mercadante. LinkedIn Local Advertisement Photo. © DreamLight Images, Charleston SC
Thomas Heath & Curt Mercadante. LinkedIn Local Final Artwork for Ad
Thomas Heath & Curt Mercadante. LinkedIn Local Final Artwork for Ad. Graphics by Samantha King.

The platform for the modern entrepreneur

It’s clear that LinkedIn is the platform for professionals and local companies and the time to update your profile is now. Not tomorrow, when you will need to find a job or attract new customers. You need to have a winning profile today. And winning profiles start with a great headshot.

If you are on LinkedIn and you don’t have a headshot, you don’t exist. If you used a selfie, you don’t exist. Most people use poorly lit selfies taken outdoors or with available light. They often look murky, with poor skin colors and harsh lights. You are so much better served by hiring a professional. When I work with my clients I take care of every detail. I look at their expression and guide them toward a combination of confidence and approachability. I’m there to help them, to check on their pose, expression, look, and every other detail. Plus, I select lenses, lights and poses for the specific body and face type.

The final result is a business portrait that helps you stand out and look as sharp as your skillset.


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