Some time ago I asked a friend of mine, who owns a business, if he had a headshot. He said “sure!”, as he took out his phone and showed me a picture of him, taken by a friend, some place outside, with the ocean in the background, by profile, with the whole background dominating the image, and he was wearing sunglasses.

A headshot is not a picture of your head. A headshot represents you. It says: “This is me at my best, contact me, write to me, let me help with your needs because I know what I’m doing and it’s great to do business with me.” Your face should be the most prominent part of the photo and your eyes must be clearly visible and they need to look back at the viewer. As we say, the eyes are the window to the soul. Hiding the behind shades makes you look untrustworthy.

Today, if you have a Web presence, you need a headshot. If you have a LinkedIn profile you need a professional headshot. If you own a small business you need an “About me” page with your headshot. If you are an actor, of course, you know that you need a headshot; when was the last time you had one made? Because any working actor should update their headshot at least every three years.

The elements of a great headshot

Mahmoud, CTO of Bluecore. Headshot by Paolo Ciccone for DreamLight Images. Charleston SC


The headshot has to show you, not a background, not other people, and no other distractions. People look at your photo because they want to know the person that they are going to contact before they send the email or make the phone call. It’s not a matter of judging the book by its cover, we just have a curiosity to know who we are going to deal with and a headshot is one of the best ways of satisfying that curiosity. It makes perfect sense to hire a professional to make you look your best. Mahmoud, shown above, is the CTO and co-founder of Blucore, one of the top Internet start-ups in New York. Whether it’s a matter of presenting the company to prospect investors or attract new talent, people want to know who they are dealing with. The above image shows a man who is confident and approachable at the same time, which is exactly the type of image that you want to present.

Booking a headshot session

Molly - Portrait by Paolo Ciccone for DreamLight Images -- Charleston, SC

The photoshoot is done in my studio and it generally lasts between 30 minutes to an hour, excluding time for hair styling & makeup. Professional makeup is provided and it’s highly adviced for women.

I shoot a range of different looks to give you the option to chose the best set of headshot to represent you. You will receive precise and detailed directions on how to pose. My task is to it make the session fun and easy for you and at the same time get the right looks.

Before leaving the studio you will be able to see the images and make your decision on which ones you prefer. I will then edit the photos to perfect them and then deliver them to you electronically. 

You can call (843) 701-1138 or use the contact form to schedule your photo-shoot today.

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